ALLEN BROS—Westminster, Vermont—By Justin Grimbol

DSC05278From the outside, Allen Bros looks like its nothing more than a large gas station. But it has much more going  on inside. There are snack galore and meats, good meats, from local farms. There are also farm fresh eggs and fancy microbrew beers. Cider donuts. Cider slushies. Maple syrup in large mason jars. Stoned teenagers wearing camo work the deli, selling decent pizza and fried chicken and stuff like that. Okay, they might not be stoned, but when I see teenagers I like to imagine they are all stoned. Anyway, sometimes they make pulled pork cubano sandwiches which are so good they make you want to cry in public. Cry and thank the day for being so lovely and offering this world such affordable and tasty sandwiches.

I love this place. They have a small cafeteria are where I like to eat my sandwiches.

Once this old guy saw me eating a sandwich.

“Its good, isn’t it?” he said.

“Its downright delicious,” I said.

“They make a good sandwich here.”

“I had such a shitty day. Then i ate this sandwich. Now im happy.”

“Me too.”

“Its so good.”

“Its incredible.”

“I love it.”

“I love it too.”

“Its the best.”

“Seriously amazing stuff.”

“SO good.”

And we went on and on like that until his wife asked him to stop.

And I’m just saying, it was a really, really, really good sandwich.

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