Danger Slater is the author I WILL ROT WITHOUT YOU and PUPPET SKIN. His writing is shameless, elegant, charming strange, and filthy. Lets see what he likes to eat. 

You recently moved from New Jersey to Portland Oregon. How is the food out there on the west coast? How does it compare to food in Jersey?

Oh man, I just finished eat THE BEST fish burrito ever. It’s from this place called Don Pedro right down the street. It looks like a shitty old fake fast food place, like McDowells from Coming to America (except, ya know, not Scottish-themed) but the food is so cheap and delicious. There’s tons of cheap delicious food here in Portland. They have blocks that are made up of just food carts. It’s awesome. Still, there’s a few foods from New Jersey that you just CAN’T get out here, and if you do happen to find them, it’s not that good. I’ve lived here almost 2 years now and I’m still looking for a good bagel place, and a good slice of pizza. And HOLY CRAP don’t ask a deli to make you sandwich. They have no idea what they’re doing. I’m like “can I get an egg salad” and the kid fixing the sandwich is looking at the bread like it’s radioactive or something. It’s weird.

Where is your favorite place to eat?

Currently, my favorite place is a conveyor-belt sushi bar called O’Sushi on 82nd between Division and Powell. Inexpensive plates, and they have about 35-40 different rolls to choose from. And we’re in there so often everyone who works there is super nice to us. It’s great.

What was your favorite meal as a kid and how has your taste changed over time?

This is a hard question! My mom said I loved peanut butter and jelly when I was little and that’s all I would eat, but by the time I started to form memories I actually remembered, I recall not liking them at all. I was under the assumption that I didn’t like PB&Js for YEARS and didn’t even try it again until I was in my late 20s. My girlfriend at the time made me one and it was delicious! I missed out on, like, 25 years of peanut buttery goodness. I guess my point is, tastes are always changing, right? You just gotta keep trying things regardless.

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