Toby with his son outside the diner. Photo by Justin Grimbol.


Near where Beacon’s Main Street and Route 52 intersect there stands, like a gleaming chrome temple, a diner of the highest quality. The Yankee Clipper not long ago was a boarded up wreck on the short list for demolition, but like most of Main Street Beacon, has been saved by the tide of rising property values. The glossy red painted rail-car inspired building is heavily decked out in chrome and mirror, with wide windows welcoming the sun. The fare is just what you would expect from a Greek diner, with a large laminated multiple page menu to browse, and large portions that have never failed me in either taste or appearance. The family friendly staff there is prompt and courteous, stopping by the table often enough to keep the patron satisfied without undue interruptions, and the dining rooms impeccably clean, and bright. The next time you are in the area and find yourself hungry for a cheese burger platter, or a stack of fluffy pancakes, you should stop into the Yankee Clipper.

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