PARKSIDE INN—Racine, Wisconsin—By Justin Grimbol.


This place has been around since the beginning of time. My father tells me it hasn’t changed since he was a child. The walls are lined with fake wood paneling and the seats have been worn in and have become a friendly shade of orange.

When I lived in Racine, I went to the Park Inn frequently. My dad would come pick me up and we would eat cheese burger baskets. We went there so often my dad started calling his Minivan the Park Inn Express.

I gained a lot of weight from going there so often but I don’t regret it. Okay, I regret it a little bit. But I still miss the place and the next time I am in Racine, I won’t be able to help myself. I will need to go there and scarf down a burger basket. Because, when you are visiting a place like Racine, a city with such history, its the only reasonable thing to do.

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