CV Hunt is one of the most exciting voices in horror right now. She is the author of Ritualistic Human Sacrifice and Home Is Where The Horror Is, and runs Grindhouse Press. She lives in Dayton Ohio. Lets find out what she likes to eat.


What is your favorite restaurant, and what is it like?

There’s this place in Dayton called India Chaat Café & Curry Out. Clever, huh? It’s a small hole in the wall located in tiny shopping strip alongside the likes of a juice bar, nail salon, hair salon, tanning salon, check cashing/pawn shop, an Indian grocery store, and a full nude strip club. Chaat is small and it doesn’t have air-conditioning so it’s sweltering in the summer time.

There are a few tables and chairs to dine in but everything is served in take-home containers. They keep a counter stocked with paper plates and plastic utensils if you choose to eat there and they have a water cooler full of room temperature water and some cups to serve yourself. No ice.

india-chaat-cafe-dayton-ohTheir whole motif is based on the sport cricket with actual bats and wickets hanging on the walls. There is also an enormous flat-screen television that is usually playing a game of cricket or MTV India. I’m not really into sports but I give them props for the unique approach to personalizing the place.

As for the food? It’s the best in Dayton. I have literally eaten at every Indian restaurant in Dayton with the exception of one which I can’t bring myself to try because of the copious amounts of terrible reviews and when researching it I found three different addresses so I’m not sure I would be able to find it if I did decide to try it. But Chaat is nothing to complain about. Everything I’ve ordered there is consistently good. They’re not afraid to make it spicy with a scale of zero to seven. If you ask for something hot at the other places in Dayton you’ll be lucky to get a medium. Chaat also isn’t afraid to use asafetida (a spice also known as hing or devil’s dung) which is an acquired taste and smell for some since its very pungent. And they’re not shy with the kasoori methi (a must in every Indian dish for me), which most of the local places neglect to put in any of their dishes. The atmosphere may not be anything to write home about or plan as a fancy date with but their food is awesome. I recommend the Malai Kofta or the Mutter Malai Methi. If you are a meat eater check out the Chicken Tikka Masala. And don’t forget to try their Mango Lassi.

What is the most disgusting food you can think of?

Aspic. I hate Jell-O and the thought of meat suspended in Jell-O is too much for me. I pretty sure I saw some ham in a flesh color block of Jell-O at a family reunion once when I was a kid and it broke something in my brain.

Is pizza underrated or overrated?

Underrated. You don’t know how underrated pizza is until your partner discovers they’re gluten intolerant. Gluten free crusts are just not the same. Appreciate your pizza!

If you started your own drive in Movie Theater, which showed nothing but the grimiest Grindhouse movies, what kind of food would you serve?

Everything would be fried, super greasy, or living under one of those hot dog turners with a heat lamp. Fried mushrooms, mozzarella sticks, French fries, popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, and if you’re in the Dayton area the number one staple is chips. There would also be the usual boxes of candy and fountain sodas. I want the customer and the interior of their car covered in grease and sticky with sugar along with any other questionable stains they created during their visit.

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