COUNTRY GIRL DINER—Chester, VT—By Justin Grimbol


There were a lot of older women in the diner and they were all wearing fleece jackets. One sat at the counter a few stools away from me. She had a new boyfriend and she was excited to tell her waitress about it.

“You’re a lucky woman,” the waitress said.

Then they talked in a hushed tone and laughed.

“Did you hear any of that?” the waitress asked me.

Before I could answer she started laughing. She had a great laugh. It was loud and intense.

“Hope you didn’t hear any of what we just said,” she added.

Now both women started having a giggle fit.

I gave them a confused and polite smile then ate my grilled cheese on marbled rye, which, was easily one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches I had ever had. The coffee was a little burnt. But I like it that way.


Justin Grimbol is the author of COME HOME, WE LOVE YOU STILL and MINIVAN POEMS. He lives in Vermont. 

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